if u like dagger

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if u like dagger

Post by naTiexu on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:57 am

-I will post here the stuff i have done in L2 media area, for i think this info will help a lot...
-Im not saing thats 100% right, if anyone find a error here, pls tell me, and i will fix and say who has the idea.


I had make some testes with kitsumi about Mortal Strike:

I had done 200 mortal blows in one NPC in aden from front, 100 normal and 100 with mortal strike effect lvl 2 and the results are:
Normal Mortal blow hit 34 = 34%
lvl 2 Mortal strike Mortal blow = 57 = 57%

Sure thats not 100% right because luck stuff, but we can say that Mortal strike lvl 2 incress landing sucess at least by 60%.. when i get lvl 74 i will make another test to see how much lvl 3 will incress..

Combine that with more 60% landing rate from death focus, and dont forget that this 60% its calc for the base landing rate:

Landing Rate calc:
Landing chance = Base rate*dex mod+(Base rate*(Critical blow(TH) or Mortal strike(AW/PW))+(Base Rate*Death Focus).

If you are using Focus Chance the calc will be a little diferent in the last part.

There is some tests that must be done about Base Rate, maybe each type of blow has his base rate, in simple words, mortal blow has more landing rate then lethal blow.. as my tests where using only mortal blow, it looks like base rate for mortal blow is 30%.

So it will be like a PW with 35dex:
Base rate = 30%
Dex Mod = 1.15
Mortal sitrike lvl 2 = 60% (I had put lvl 2 because i dont know lvl 3 effect)
Death Focus = 60%

Landing Rate = 30*1.15 + 30*0.6 + 30*0.6
Landing Rate = 34,5+18+18
Landing Rate = 70,5% Landing From Front

Dont forget that daggers got afected by direction of the atack, you got more 25% chance to land a blow from side of target and more 50% to hit the blow from back, apply that in the in the landing rate results

I had lot of thinking and tests to get this calc, its my calc and i hanvet seem that anywhere, and I DONT KNOW IF ITS RIGHT

Critical blow rases a lot landing rate, i had see that because a have a lvl 76TH in aerith, but i dont have tested to see how much, so if there anyone here that wants to know max landing rate from front of a TH, i can take some time to do the test and show the results.. XD

Guys, here is what it is...

In C5 about skills at lvl 78 dagger vs dagger = AW>PW>TH
Even PW is best then TH because Death Focus.

But that for sure dont make AW going to win vs TH all the time, dont forget that if TH land the blows he will win...

Dagger is the most pro pvp style on L2, for that i say, it dont mather if u are TH or PW or AW, the best ppl will win, luck will make u win sometimes..

There is no point to keep talking who is strong, everyone knows that AW its stronger in C5, but that its far way to mean that one AW will win x1 fight vs TH..

And that´s it...

In mass pvp its another story, as it is in interlude, Mirage its a fucking ownning skill...
by kenshimx


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Re: if u like dagger

Post by naTiexu on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:59 am


Math for Skill power(mortal, deadly, critical blow, bliding blow, lethal blow) :

Dmg = ((P.atk*2(if SS on) + skill power + (critial power(passive skill) + critical damage(SA) + ViciusStance)*6.1)*70*DW*Dance of Fire*boss stuff / P.def target

So a Adventurer doing Lethal blow:

Lvl = 78

P.atak = 628 (soul separator critical damage)

Critical damage SA = 200

Critical damage passive lvl 6 = 393

Vicius Stance lvl 20 = around 600

Lethal Blow = 5773

Target p.def = 750 (light armor not buffed)

DMG = ((628*2) + 5773 + (200 + 393 + 600)*6.1)*70 /750

DMG = (1256 + 5773 + 7277)*70 / 750

DMG = 1001420 / 750

DMG = 1335

DMG with DW and dance of fire = 1335*1,35*1,35 = 2433.

If u got ant queem + Baium or zaken(cant remember with one gives critical damage) = 2433*1,15*1,15 = 3218.

For Back Stab:

for BS its same calc.. but looks like its "skill power*2"..

Any questions or if something wrong here.. fell free to ask or pm me..

For normal skills like "power strike, power shot, stun shot, etc" just put out the critical stuff: so will be much simple:

DMG = ((P.atk*2(if SS on) + skill power )*70 / target p.def

For skills that have "focus", like "tripple sonic slash" each focus incress some p.atk in the skill, i dont have the data to tell u guys how much p.atak each focus gives.. but its easy to know if u got a lvl 74 glads. Some easy tests can tell that.

DMG = ((P.atk*2(if SS on) + skill power + Focus lvl)*70 / target p.def

U will notice that only blows get efected direct by buffs, and thats why daggers are more dangerous full buffed then a glad/duelist..
by kenshimx


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