Our clan and ally descuss

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Our clan and ally descuss

Post by Karton[BlackLord] on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:44 pm

I see things now are not going well.From my experience in other servers when clans repairs first need a lot of ppl cause we need ppl at all lvls and subs for more parties.When we have more ppl and parties we level faster,farm raids signed in sieges take castles and then randoms see that and slowly join more and more.In the process some ppl leave other join but it is normal process just keep only wars that we can handle atm and that most ppl won't be scared to leave befor the clan and ally is strong enough like genocide shortpants pandas rawr.
I can suggest 2 clans for ally atm both are CZ.One is proxima and other is tians.Imagine if we take these 2 and join even 2 or 3 others with 30-35 ppl.
In conclusion invite more clans in ally offer them parties for leveling all ppl 40-50 50-60 etc etc taking 1-2 castles and keeping minimum wars at the begining.


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