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Za babite destrota

Post by Evolution on Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:52 pm

If I remember correctly, first you need 78 lvl, demon robe set, doom heavy set, +25% HP weapon, spear and a weapon that has SA BtB buff. So what you do is put on the robe set, do earthquake, armor crush and Crush of Doom, then you put on the doom heavy set, arm the BtB weapon and start spamming Bandage. It triggers the btb buff, then you arm your +25 HP weapon and voila! Rage, Frenzy and zealot and rush the enemy I know it sounds complicated, but with practice it just gets automatic. Just one advice, see if your frenzy is fixed, because in Throne 1 the frenzy got the chop and if you go over 30% you get like +50% patk, not +301%.

Prevod za Jekata trqbva ti 78 lvl, demon set, doom heavy set, 25% HP oragie, pole i SOES BtB. Slaga6 demon set-a poleto pravi5 earthquake, armor crush i crush of doom sled tova slaga6 doom set-a i Soes-a po4va6 da spami6 bandage dokato ne te bufi sled tova slaga6 oragieto na 25% HP i si gotov da si puska6 prostotiite . Probvai dali stava kato sabere6 vsi4ko.


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